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How to Integrate Tungsten Clustering Monitoring Tools with PagerDuty Alerts

Author: , April 23rd, 2019

Overview The Skinny In this blog post we will discuss how to best integrate various Continuent-bundled cluster monitoring solutions with PagerDuty (pagerduty.com), a popular alerting service. Agenda What’s Here? Briefly explore the bundled cluster monitoring tools Describe the procedure for establishing alerting via PagerDuty Examine some of the multiple monitoring tools included with the Continuent […]

How To Fix YUM Update Errors with Percona GPG Keys

Author: , April 16th, 2019

Problem: Trying to run a yum -y update as root aborts with the following error:

The solution, found on the Percona website, is this: sudo yum update percona-release Source URL: https://www.percona.com/blog/2019/02/05/new-percona-package-signing-key-requires-update-on-rhel-and-centos/