Entries from September 2021

How To Enable WordPress Debug

Author: , September 22nd, 2021

vi wp-config.php Add at the bottom:

You can also use this URL in later versions: /wp-login.php?action=entered_recovery_mode

How To Sync AWS S3 Buckets Using RClone

Author: , September 9th, 2021

The aws s3 sync command is slow and painful! I needed a more efficient way to sync to large buckets (prod to dev). Finally settled on RClone: https://rclone.org/docs/

During rclone config I called remote “s3” ;-}

How To Get A Reverse DNS Lookup On The Command Line

Author: , September 1st, 2021

There are three commands in Linux to easily get a reverse DNS lookup with: dig, host and nslookup. Here are examples of each: shell> dig -x +short

shell> dig -x

shell> host

shell> nslookup