Entries from December 2022

How To Use AWS CloudTrail For Intrusion Detection To Monitor Your AWS Account For Unwanted Activity

Author: , December 30th, 2022

Summary Use AWS CloudTrail as the basis for a simple Intrusion Detection System to monitor your AWS account for unwanted activity. Background While I follow best practices for security, it is always possible that a bad actor could obtain my credentials and gain access to my AWS account. Once access is gained, such criminals could […]

Tungsten Clustering: Plugging the Holes – Risk Mitigation Through Best Practices

Author: , December 7th, 2022

Tungsten Clustering depends on a number of prerequisites and best practices to function optimally. In this blog post, we explore a critical, yet easily-overlooked step when installing a Tungsten Cluster node – setting up start at boot, ideally under `s…