How To Install s3cmd

Published Date Author: , Posted June 7th, 2013 at 2:10:14pm

Install Procedure

Download and extract into /usr/local:

Configuration saved to '/root/.s3cfg'

Command Line Examples

List all buckets:
s3cmd ls
Make a new bucket in the default region (US):
s3cmd mb s3://{YOUR_BUCKET_HERE}
Make a new bucket in a specific region:
s3cmd mb --bucket-location={DATACENTER} s3://{YOUR_BUCKET_HERE}
As of now the datacenters are: US (default), EU, us-west-1, and ap-southeast-1
Remove an empty bucket:
s3cmd rb s3://{YOUR_BUCKET_HERE}
Delete all files in a bucket:
s3cmd del --recursive --force s3://{YOUR_BUCKET_HERE}

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