How To Batch Convert MS Word doc to docx

Published Date Author: , Posted June 28th, 2013 at 4:41:32pm

Many thanks to Robert Russell for his excellent conversion tip!

I have recorded the procedure below in case that post ever goes away…

Download the two required installation packages from Microsoft:

Microsoft Office Migration Planning Manager

Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint File Formats

Install both packages. Specify a place to install the Migration Manger, in this example we use the Desktop.

Go to your Desktop, open the Tools folder and then edit ofc.ini using notepad.

Add one line that contains the location of your word documents to be converted, for example:
fldr=C:\Documents and Settings\Eric\My Documents

Save and exit ofc.ini

Locate ofc.exe in the Tools folder and double-click to run it.

All Office files in that folder (and sub-folders) will get converted to the new format and are saved in a new folder.

Please note:
– The conversion may fail on password-protected documents.
– This utility works with Word (doc to docx), Access databases, PowerPoint (ppt to pptx), Visio diagrams, Excel (xls to xlsx) and Microsoft Project files.

Click here for more info on ofc.exe
And click here for even more info…

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