How To Create and Restore an SVN Backup Dump File (.dmp)

Published Date Author: , Posted February 1st, 2018 at 2:38:48pm

Backup Compressed:
svnadmin dump /volumes/data/svn/yourRepo | gzip -9 > /volumes/data/backup/yourRepo.dmp.gz

Backup Uncompressed:
svnadmin dump /volumes/data/svn/yourRepo > /volumes/data/backup/yourRepo.dmp

Restore the Repo

Create a new SVN repository:
svnadmin create /volumes/data/svn/newRepo

Restore the dump file to the new repository:
svnadmin load /volumes/data/svn/newRepo < /volumes/data/backup/yourRepo.dmp

Just for good measure, here is how to checkout from a local repo:
svn co file:///volumes/data/svn/newRepo/the/path/to/what/you/want

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