How To Get Sonos Working on MacOS Mojave

Published Date Author: , Posted June 6th, 2019 at 3:58:12pm

SonosSonos was running just fine oon my MacOS Mojave iMac, then I had to force-quit it due to a system freeze.

The Sonos app REFUSED to start, no matter what I tried, including uninstall/reinstall, full scrub of all files located, uninstaller software, reboots, cache cleaning and reboot with Onyx – NOTHING worked, and i was getting frustrated.

By sheer luck, the Terminal app asked for access Via the Security & Privacy » Privacy » Accessability permissions panel in System Preferences and I saw that the Sonos app was listed there AND THE BOX WAS NOT CHECKED!

As soon as the box was checked and the Sonos app restarted, it worked. Go figure!

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