How To Move Around in Linux CLI Mail

Published Date Author: , Posted May 7th, 2018 at 4:48:44pm

h Shows you a screenful of message headers (a “header” being the number, sender, date, size and subject).
h with no message number shows the current screenful of messages (the number that make up a screenful is set with the screen variable, described below).

h$ shows you the last screenful of messages — which is usually what you’re interested in (this is usually the first thing I type when I start mail).

h1 or h^ shows you the first screenful of messages.

z or z- If there is more than a screenful of messages, then z will show the next screenful, and z- will show the previous screenful.

d Mark message(s) for deletion.

d with no number marks the current message for deletion.

d with a number (or +, -, $, etc.) will mark the specified message(s) for deletion. To delete messages 1 to 3, you could do d 1-3, or d 1 2 3 or d *

I means ‘mark for deletion’ instead of ‘delete’ because the changes you make are only saved when you type q.

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