How To Remove A File From The git Staging Pre-Commit List

Published Date Author: , Posted May 31st, 2019 at 4:07:10pm

Quickref: How to Remove a file from the staging area

The Story

Recently, I accidentally added some files to git’s pre-commit phase, i.e.:

For example, here is how to handle the above situation:

To better understand, here are the phases/states/stages that git uses:

  • Untracked – when a file is first created, git sees it and knows it has not yet been told to handle this file
  • Staged/Indexed – git add will signal git to start tracking the file, and so git places the file into the staging state, ready to commit
  • Committed – the git commit command can be called upon a single file or use -a to commit all staged files
  • Modified- a file has already been committed at least once before, and now new changes exist in the local file(s) which are not committed or staged yet.

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