Some Productivity Enhancements

Published Date Author: , Posted November 3rd, 2010 at 7:06:53am

Two new pieces of hardware have improved my productivity immensely:

1. Apple’s Magic Trackpad – I cannot say enough about how wonderful this little gadget is:

– Hand stays in one place
– Significantly less effort for most actions
– Gestures take the place of mouse movements – three fingers dragged will highlight, move and resize under different conditions. Very efficient.
– Aesthetically pleasing
– Takes some getting used to and tweaking in System Prefs to get is “just right”.
– No middle-mouse button makes Terminal operations harder than they used to be.

2. Apple’s BlueTooth Keyboard paired to my iPhone:

– Ability to SMS on phone using keyboard during the day allows me to communicate better and more rapidly, creating a much clearer communications channel and reducing frustration dramatically.
– Unable to “click” the SMS Send button via the keyboard

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