How To Load /etc/rc.local At Boot Time

Author: , August 12th, 2021

My /etc/rc.local was not loading at boot time. rc.local is a symlink to /etc/rc.d/rc.local lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 13 Jun 22 2020 rc.local -> rc.d/rc.local I had to execute the following:

How To Re-Install MacOS

Author: , October 11th, 2020

Format the new USB flash drive as Mac OS Extended (Journaled) and label it “MyVolume” Click the Mojave Download Link: Download the installer package from the App store – it will land in the main /Applications folder. Open Terminal and run:

Full article at Apple Support “How to create a bootable installer for […]

How To Create a Bootable MacOSX USB Flash Drive

Author: , June 11th, 2016

As the root user, execute: “/Applications/Install OS X El” –volume /Volumes/{USB_DRIVE_NAME_HERE}/ –applicationpath “/Applications/Install OS X El” Be sure to include the required double-quotes, or use backslashes to escape the spaces in the path. Full instructions may be found on the Apple site: Turn on your Mac by pressing the power button Press […]

How To Create A Bootable MacOS X Lion Disk

Author: , July 21st, 2011

(Reposted without permission from Macword. Original Article) Purchase and download Lion from the Mac App Store on any Lion compatible Mac running Snow Leopard. Open a Finder window and navigate to /Applications/Install Mac OS X Lion. Right click on the “Mac OS X Lion” installer and choose the option to “Show Package Contents.” Inside the […]

How To Start MySQL At Boot Time On CentOS

Author: , March 29th, 2011

chkconfig –level 2345 mysqld on