How To Add a Simple Checkbox in Confluence

Author: , July 31st, 2019

While using Confluence, I wanted to learn how to add a simple task checkbox in free-flow text and lists without creating a “real” task. The answer is very easy – just type the square bracket pair [] and the checkbox will appear!

How To Count Selected Checkboxes Using jQuery

Author: , March 3rd, 2012

Just be sure to add the class “yourClass” to each checkbox in the group you wish to count and it is as simple as:

How To Manipulate Checkboxes Using jQuery

Author: , October 25th, 2010

To check the checkbox simply set the value of the “checked” attribute: jQuery(‘.ChkBox’).attr(‘checked’,true); To uncheck it, just remove the attribute entirely: jQuery(‘.ChkBox’).removeAttr(‘checked’);