How To Use AWS CloudTrail For Intrusion Detection To Monitor Your AWS Account For Unwanted Activity

Author: , December 30th, 2022

Summary Use AWS CloudTrail as the basis for a simple Intrusion Detection System to monitor your AWS account for unwanted activity. Background While I follow best practices for security, it is always possible that a bad actor could obtain my credentials and gain access to my AWS account. Once access is gained, such criminals could […]

How To Batch Invalidate Files in AWS CloudFront

Author: , October 16th, 2012

AWS Console » CloudFront » Check the box to the left of the desired distribution » Distribution Settings » Invalidations » Create Invalidation » Paste list of files » Click Invalidate

How To Create A New AWS Instance From A Snapshot

Author: , August 16th, 2011

Be sure to create regular snapshots of your running instances. If you lose an instance, recover quickly with this procedure. I suggest that you use Elastic IP addresses to make the migration DNS-free. STEP 1: First, setup your environment properly

STEP 2: Create an AMI linked to the snapshot % ec2-register -n YOUR-AMI-NAME -d […]

Another Magical Moment for the Wyzaerd

Author: , January 23rd, 2011

Managed to help a client find and fix the fatal flaw in their application and created a cloud-based infrastructure for them capable of handling heavy load in under one week. Boy, am I tired! Many thanks to the wife for understanding and supporting the workload.