10 Reasons Why Tungsten Clustering Beats the DIY Approach for Geo-Distributed MySQL Deployments

Author: , August 29th, 2019

Why does the DIY approach fail to deliver vs. the Tungsten Clustering solution for geo-distributed MySQL multimaster deployments? Before we dive into the 10 reasons, note why commercially-supported enterprise software is less risky and in fact less costly.

How To Test Nagios Remote NRPE Commands

Author: , September 27th, 2018

There are many things to configure in Nagios, especially when using custom check commands. Recently I needed to configure all of the Continuent Clustering Nagios checks. Once setup on the database side, I wanted to confirm that everything was working. Basics: Run a Remote NRPE Check To test a remote NRPE client command from a […]

1601 Lines of Code

Author: , August 30th, 2010

Just 1601 lines of code including lots of blank lines and comments, 1155 lines with no comments or blank lines. Oh, that is to completely wrap the ezjail-admin command with a friendly Perl API that supports easy fail-over/migration of jails. In just 2 days… 99 bottles of beer, anyone?

Didn’t I Just Go To Bed?

Author: , March 12th, 2010

Must visit some clients this morning – the Clinton Group‘s DR site, as well as Barnstormer’s Gym. At least I got the code to work before bed. Will resume work this afternoon when I return.