More Lies From The Obama Administration

Author: , February 12th, 2012

Is there anything the current administration can do right? I do not think so… Here is an enlightening article about how the spin doctors under the rule of King Obama make the employment numbers look better than they really are:

The Fast Lane

Author: , December 11th, 2011

Things sure have been busy! Multiple client projects in parallel always seem to make time go faster. Now that two different websites have been launched, things should calm down a tad. The concept of having weekends off for a while is very attractive. I realized recently that the consulting business has been a crazy ride […]

Late Night Conversation

Author: , October 1st, 2009

So I get a notification that my old boss from B&H Photo has just created an account on PainMinder. So I look on Facebook chat, and lo and behold, there he is. So I text him via FB Chat and we start talking. The upshot is that I gave him full-time employee salary numbers and […]