How To Enable Opening a Terminal Window from the Current Finder Location in MacOS

Author: , February 16th, 2019

As of Mac OS X Lion 10.7, Terminal provides Services for opening a new terminal window or tab at the selected folder in Finder. They also work with absolute pathnames selected in text (in any application). You can enable these services with System Preferences > Keyboard > Keyboard Shortcuts > Services. Look for “New Terminal […]

How To Move in vim Using the Keyboard

Author: , March 21st, 2018

h move one character left j move one row down k move one row up l move one character right w move to beginning of next word b move to previous beginning of word e move to end of word W move to beginning of next word after a whitespace B move to beginning of […]

How To Fix Excel for Mac Arrow Keys Do Not Move Cell Cursor

Author: , April 5th, 2017

As per MS Support page: “My arrow keys don’t move from cell to cell” Press SHIFT+F14 to toggle the Scroll Lock to the off position. Applies To: Excel for Mac 2011 Cause: Scroll Lock is turned on and causing the arrow keys to scroll the workbook area. Solution: Turn off Scroll Lock. Typically, when a […]

How To Disable Spell Check in MacOSX 10.10 Yosemite

Author: , March 24th, 2015

System Preferences » Keyboard » Text » Uncheck “Correct Spelling Automatically”

How To Change the Volume on MacOSX in Small Increments

Author: , July 7th, 2012

To change the volume in smaller increments on MacOSX Snow Leopard, hold down Shift-Option when pressing either the Volume-Up or the Volume-Down keys. You should see the volume indicator show a fractional portion of the normal scale selected:

Some Productivity Enhancements

Author: , November 3rd, 2010

Two new pieces of hardware have improved my productivity immensely: 1. Apple’s Magic Trackpad – I cannot say enough about how wonderful this little gadget is: PROS – Hand stays in one place – Significantly less effort for most actions – Gestures take the place of mouse movements – three fingers dragged will highlight, move […]

How to Save a Post via the Keyboard in SMF and Safari 4

Author: , March 24th, 2010

I use the SMF forum engine extensively. In Safari 3 I was able to use Option-S to save a post. Safari 4 broke that. The new keyboard shortcut to save a post in SMF is Control-Option-S.