Author: , January 21st, 2020

How To Print Matching Line and All After Using awk

Author: , August 1st, 2019

Every time I use awk, my respect for it grows! Like grep, find and rsync, it is one of the powerhouse command-line tools in my arsenal. Recently, I needed to list all MySQL binary log files from a starting file forwards in sequence. AWK to the rescue! For example, I knew the starting file was […]

How To Match Long ID Strings Using JQuery

Author: , August 19th, 2011

Ran into an odd issue matching the id attribute in jQuery when it is extra-long. Seems like the syntax: jQuery(‘#LongIDNameGoesHere’) doesn’t match long ID’s, when the syntax: jQuery(‘[id^=LongIDNameGoesHere]’) does match correctly. Not entirely sure yet why this is, but figured it is best to document the facts as I found them…

How To Match Multiple Spaces In VIM

Author: , July 22nd, 2011

I needed to take just the first occurrence of one or more spaces and turn that into a pipe symbol so as to create 2 fields for easy database import:

The important thing to note is the inclusion of the backslash in front of the plus (+) sign. That prevents an irritating session of […]

How To Turn Off Paren Matching In VIM

Author: , November 24th, 2010

Turn Off: :NoMatchParen Turn On: :DoMatchParen Add the following line to ~/.vimrc :let loaded_matchparen = 1 More information can be found while running vim – just type the following: :help matchparen