How To Fix Netflix DRM Error N8156-6013 on MacOSX

Author: , June 16th, 2013

I tried to use my new Harman Kardon bluetooth headphones with Netflix running on Firefox and got the following message: “Digital Rights Management Error DRM N8156-6013, please call Netflix support” Netflix uses Microsoft Silverlight for DRM. Silverlight creates a licensing file that identifies your computer hardware. This file needs to be deleted, and will be […]

Lovely Day with Naomi

Author: , February 15th, 2010

Had fun working on our travel plans to FL. Found some fun places to stay and things to do both yesterday and today. Made lunch together and watched a Scooby Doo movie, of all things (Netflix instant play, what can I say?). Took a nap together and now we are just relaxing pending the arrival […]