How To Interpret The Httpful\Response Object

Author: , December 10th, 2021

I use the httpful library from The website has not defined the Httpful\Response keys anyplace easy to find, so I have documented them here:

How To Pass A Reference To An Existing Object From One Class To Another In PHP

Author: , February 2nd, 2012

Inside class “yourClassA” calling “yourClassB”:

Inside class “yourClassB” getting the call from “yourClassA”:

How To Install MongoDB Via Yum On CentOS/Amazon Linux

Author: , January 18th, 2012


/etc/yum.repos.d/10gen.repo For 64-bit:

For 32-bit:

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How To Loop Through Objects In JavaScript

Author: , May 15th, 2011

Coming from the Perl world, I wanted to emulate the following code in JavaScript:

What I found is that JavaScript uses “Objects” to contain hash-style data:

Also, one may use variables as key names by using the square-bracket notation, which evaluates variables first: