How To Solve Grafana Error “failed to load its application files”

Author: , February 23rd, 2022

Try a newer browser before anything else! I was using an older version of Safari on Mac and got this:

I switched to the latest version of FireFox and was fine.

How To Fix Safari Using https instead of http

Author: , September 30th, 2016

For the Mac, you need to do three things in a row: 1. Quit Safari 2. Delete ~/Library/Cookies/HSTS.plist 3. Reboot

How To Fix Safari Crashing in MacOSX

Author: , November 18th, 2013


/usr/bin/sqlite3 ~/Library/PubSub/Database/Database.sqlite3 vacuum

How To Undo Safari “Never For This Site” Autofill Setting

Author: , April 7th, 2012

Quit Safari. Open Keychain Access (Applications / Utilities) Select Passwords on the left. Delete the keychain for that site. Relaunch Safari. From the Safari menu bar click Safari / Preferences then select the Autofill tab. Make sure: User names and passwords is selected. Navigate to that site. You should be prompted to save your login […]

How To Speed Up Safari Page Display

Author: , March 16th, 2012

I just found this neat trick to speed up Safari by reducing the ‘Render Before Display’ time: 1. Quit Safari. 2. Launch 3. Type in the line below and then press {enter}: defaults write WebKitInitialTimedLayoutDelay 0.20 4. Quit Terminal and restart Safari

How To Downgrade Safari 5.1 to Version 5.0.5

Author: , September 23rd, 2011

ACKNOWLEDGMENT: Most of this post was copied without permission from the original MacWorld post on Jul 27, 2011 by Christopher Breen: because I was afraid to lose this valuable procedure… Option One If you have a backup that extends back to the time that you had Safari 5.0.x, try restoring it from that backup. […]

How To Reset Safari Configuration Files

Author: , September 19th, 2011

Quit Safari and move the following files to the Desktop for safe-keeping, then restart Safari. ~/Library/Caches/ ~/Library/Preferences/ Lion Hint: To find the Home folder in OS X Lion, open the Finder, hold down the Option key, and choose Go > Library

How To Fix Safari 5.1 Crashes on 10.6.8 Snow Leopard

Author: , August 2nd, 2011

More on the Safari saga… more crashing led me to do more direct research into the actual crash report. It was there I found references to the APE or Application Enhancer software. My next step was to add Safari to the Master Exclude list in APE. That seems to have helped. Safari has not crashed […]

How To Fix Safari 5.1 Slow Performance

Author: , July 28th, 2011

I found that after enabling extensions in Safari 5.1, my performance slowed down considerably. I was able to restore performance to normal by simply turning off all of the old, unused extensions. I did not have to delete them, just disabled each one. Also found an excellent post about Safari clean-up…

How To FullScreen Your Browser Window Using Javascript

Author: , July 15th, 2011

An oldie, but a goodie:

Does NOT work in Safari with multiple tabs open. Sigh.