How To Get the Current Page URL in WordPress

Author: , January 5th, 2021

How To Make Firefox Focus on the URL not Search in a New Tab

Author: , September 5th, 2017

Set browser.autofocus to false in about:config

How To Get the URL in Javascript Without the Query String

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How To Find the Complete Page URL in PHP

Author: , October 25th, 2012

How To Get the Current URL in Javascript

Author: , September 6th, 2012

var pathname = window.location.pathname;

How To Make SEO-Friendly URLs Using Apache mod_rewrite And PHP

Author: , December 15th, 2011

Below information copied without permission from Josh Sharp’s site because it is too valuable to lose – great work Josh, and THANKS!

Note: Only rewrite if the requested file is not an existing directory (-d) or a file (-f)

How To Get The Current Path, HREF, and Title Using jQuery

Author: , June 5th, 2011

Various Ways to Obtain Various Information:

How To Force Apache To Use www In The Domain Name

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Redirecting Using

Author: , October 7th, 2010

To generate a redirection header in use the following syntax where $q is the cgi handle: print $q->redirect(‘’); If you use redirection like this, you should not print out a header as well. You should always use full URLs (including the http: or ftp: part) in redirection requests. Relative URLs will NOT work correctly.