Spring Snow Today

Author: , March 22nd, 2019

First Snowfall of 2017

Author: , November 7th, 2017

I am SO happy to see the first snow!

Thar She Blows!

Author: , August 26th, 2011

Lots of Snow

Author: , December 20th, 2009

We seem to have gotten about 8 inches or so on the ground. Everything looks just lovely. There are some flurries falling right now, making the scene complete. Very nice to wake up to a winter wonderland. Yesterday was spent catching up on bills, and all the assorted stuff around the house, worked on Naomi’s […]


Author: , December 18th, 2009

Watching and waiting for some lovely snow…

How to see weather in iCal

Author: , December 9th, 2009

In a browser, go to the Weather Underground website: http://www.weatherunderground.com/ Enter your zip code in the Search: box and press enter to get your local weather up. On the right side look for the the green ICAL icon, but don’t click on it! Now right-click on the iCal icon and choose Copy Link. In iCal, […]

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow!

Author: , December 5th, 2009

I am so eager to see the first snowfall of the year! Naomi and I are staying home all day together and snuggling…

Glorious Afternoon Weather

Author: , October 22nd, 2009

This has to be one of the finest weather days. Been busy with secret client work most of the day, which is great. Teeth really hurt, so had soup for lunch – again. Have taken meds, and have lidoderm patch on. Must get to the dentist. At least mind is clear and I do not […]

Afternoon Tea

Author: , October 20th, 2009

Waiting for Charlie to arrive at 1pm. Having tea now. Been working on secret client and actually getting work done. Seems to be like pushing thru jello, tho. No sign of Mama cat today. I think she is fully spooked by us at this point. Perhaps hunger will cause her to return. This weather is […]