A Moment of Great Joy

Published Date Author: , Posted January 28th, 2011 at 3:56:26pm

A while back I was looking around my office and I noticed two oil paintings I had done when I was in junior high school.

The thought occurred to me that I had never properly thanked my art teacher for all of the extra effort he made on my behalf during those troubled times.

So, with Google search results on my screen, I placed the call. Got the answering machine, so simply left a message and hoped for the best.


Yesterday I was wondering whatever had happened, and why I had not heard back. It is not in my nature to bother someone who does not wish to be disturbed, so I just decided to let it be.

Today my phone rang.

It was my teacher! All I can say is how happy I am that he contacted me, and how grateful I would be for the opportunity to get to know him as an adult.

This is the man who introduced me to the world of J.R.R Tolkien in 1978, which started my life-long passion for Tolkien’s works, and set me on course for many interesting days (and nights) at the Renaissance Faires. I can still recall the classroom, the projector and the slide-by-slide presentation of the Hobbit. A drawing on the wall at the front of the room of Bilbo with his long pipe was one of my favorite items in the whole school. Even my business’ logo has this man’s influence in it.

Far beyond that, he invested himself in me. He made time for me, and did not marginalize me when others dismissed me as just another problem student. He was kind, patient and obviously cared, even when I was a serious pain the the tuchas. He would tell me that I was a mensch when I stayed to help clean up the brushes.

Thank you very very much, Mr A., for all that you did for me! You made a serious difference in my life.

Hopefully, he and his wife will be visiting Stone Manor sometime in the near future so we can take them to Elements…

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