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Business IS Personal

Author: , June 3rd, 2011

“It is business, not personal”. How many times have you heard that? IMHO, everything is personal. And when a client continually demands lower prices for exemplary work and service, it is time to re-evaluate the relationship. Personally, as of today, I have lost more than 20 pounds as part of an ongoing effort to get […]

Power Lost, So Was Dinner

Author: , May 28th, 2011

We lost power just as Naomi was in the middle of preparing filets in the convection oven. Given the heat level outside, we chose to not turn on the oven to finish them, hoping the power would be restored quickly. It was not. Ouch. We are just so darn dependent upon electricity. Fortunately for us, […]

Dinner Guests, Old and New, Snow So Blew

Author: , January 11th, 2011

Tonight we had two guests for dinner, one old and one new. Due to the inclement weather, a friend is staying over tonight and joined us for Harold’s take-out. Our new guest was of the four-footed variety: a new feral cat appeared at our door! A mostly-black long-hair with a white nose, seemed to be […]

This Weekeend

Author: , November 9th, 2010

This weekend is our joint birthday weekend. I am very excited that we will be back in NYC on Friday for the Chocolate Show, and to dine at 11 Madison Park that evening. Should be a wonderful day. Then we will be at Elements for dinner Saturday night for Naomi’s birthday. No working for me […]

Feline Felicity

Author: , October 3rd, 2010

Went to the bank this morning early. When I got home, one of the feral cats was at the door, looking for food. When she turned her head to look at me, I recognized an old friend – Mama Cat, the grandmother of all the feral cats here. She did not budge an inch when […]

Where Does The Time Go?

Author: , September 12th, 2010

One day bleeds into the next. Crashed at 7pm last night because I have been working so many hours. I could not stay awake. Apologies to my wife for passing out on her on a Saturday night. At least we got to spend time together. We sat out on the deck and tested out our […]

Friday night with my love

Author: , July 9th, 2010

Had a very very very busy day. Was working on many things, and had many interruptions. There was a food delivery, UPS & Fedex deliveries, the cleaning lady, James working on the basement, phone calls, emails, text messages, AIM conversations, etc. I did manage to churn out quite a bit of code in spite of […]

A Bit of Rest

Author: , July 3rd, 2010

Was able to finish the Dora Rings store locator site in 5 hours. I have definitely made vast improvements in my coding skills. Naomi needs TLC and rest this weekend, so I encouraged her to sit in the sun while I went out to run errands. Picked up bagels, and then went to the bakery. […]

The Evening Monsoon

Author: , June 22nd, 2010

The storm has come and gone and Naomi is home safely! The Chinese food delivery has been ordered, and the evening’s repast is on the way.

The Evening Report

Author: , June 21st, 2010

Septic guy never showed up, I will have to follow up with him. Got the quarterly billing done today. Finished the laundry. James completed the sheetrock in the basement, and removed some unwanted items. Making progress. Waiting for Naomi to get home with Harold’s Deli for dinner.