The Fast Lane

Author: , December 11th, 2011

Things sure have been busy! Multiple client projects in parallel always seem to make time go faster. Now that two different websites have been launched, things should calm down a tad. The concept of having weekends off for a while is very attractive. I realized recently that the consulting business has been a crazy ride […]

Business IS Personal

Author: , June 3rd, 2011

“It is business, not personal”. How many times have you heard that? IMHO, everything is personal. And when a client continually demands lower prices for exemplary work and service, it is time to re-evaluate the relationship. Personally, as of today, I have lost more than 20 pounds as part of an ongoing effort to get […]

A VERY Rough Day

Author: , November 25th, 2009

From the moment I woke up, until 10:30pm, 12 hours straight. Client migration. Much chaos, no matter how hard I tried to deal with it all. Many things got done and fixed. Client seems happy. I will never work for him again, because I know he will never change. Naomi is STILL working. Her day […]

Just another crazy day

Author: , November 11th, 2009

Just finished conf call for Rapida. Things are going well. Should be able to achieve the Nov. 29th rollout date. Plan almost finished. Had a major epiphany today about OO Perl. Jeremy is an excellent teacher and helped me to understand that subs defined in a perl module are available as references from the main […]

Busy Week Ahead

Author: , November 9th, 2009

Slept 9 hours last night. Tried to stay up and get work done, but body wouldn’t let me. Damn! Need to get the CHS/Rapida plan written this morning and get in touch with all the players. Need to finish YouCake server setup and project plan. Shop-Rite delivery at 11am. Hope Jeremy stops by after his […]

Fridays Rule!

Author: , November 6th, 2009

So I had to go back to bed for an hour this morning because I was so out of it. Finally got up at 9:30 and started my day. Have already been on the phone with SSI for Rapida for over an hour. Looks like we will make the Nov 29th migration date. Going to […]

Longs Days, Short Nights, and it is NOT Summertime

Author: , November 5th, 2009

Been averaging 5 hours of sleep per night. Trying to keep up with the workload now. Will handle Jay today, then rush home and work on both the YouCake and Rapida project plans. Have a conf call tomorrow at 12n with my YouCake team. Will need to visit Rapida again Monday or Tuesday. Saw the […]

Feast or Famine

Author: , November 4th, 2009

May I say a big “Thank You” to the Universe for providing me lots of work this month! Went to the project kickoff meeting at Rapida in Brooklyn today. I must now work Thanksgiving weekend to migrate Rapida Payroll to new outsourced provider. That is in just 3 weeks. Lot to do in a short […]


Author: , October 31st, 2009

All of Jay’s files (except for about 10 broken leads files) were recovered!!! I am very happy. I am sure he will be too!

So Far, So Good

Author: , October 31st, 2009

I have been able to boot Jay’s laptop with special recovery tools. Have accessed his NTFS partition and using the network to copy files from bad drive to my server. Once the entire drive had been copied off, minus the broken files (of which there only seem to be under 10 missing leads files), I […]