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Home At Last

Author: , June 29th, 2010

Home. Finally. Decided to edit the video tonight. If I wait, I may never be able to do it. Working on it now. I hope I got good footage of the service. Will know later when the camera is done downloading to the computer. It is so much harder to make a good video with […]

Mid-Morning Blues

Author: , June 29th, 2010

Got the car fueled and washed for the day’s activities. Have taken care of charging batteries and have gathered photo and computer equipment together. Will get bottled water into the trunk of the car with ice packs before we leave. Just have to shower and dress. One and a half hours until we depart.

Busy Day Ahead

Author: , February 8th, 2010

Have errands to run in the morning, then off to finish the job I started on Friday for a friend. Drop off at the dry cleaners, then home to order printer supplies, a backdrop with stand and more lights for Wicked Faire vending. Must finish getting the Dora domains transferred. Then, finally, I can get […]

First Successful Recording Session at Stone Manor Studios

Author: , January 19th, 2010

Today marked the first successful recording session at Stone Manor Studios. Had a 3-hour recording session with Jim Cirin. We recorded three songs with guitar and vocal tracks. After some effects and volume tweaking, we had three good songs mixed and cut to mp3. Apple’s latest version of Garageband and the Apogee Maestro mixer software […]