First Successful Recording Session at Stone Manor Studios

Published Date Author: , Posted January 19th, 2010 at 8:40:56pm

Today marked the first successful recording session at Stone Manor Studios. Had a 3-hour recording session with Jim Cirin. We recorded three songs with guitar and vocal tracks. After some effects and volume tweaking, we had three good songs mixed and cut to mp3. Apple’s latest version of Garageband and the Apogee Maestro mixer software were both very easy to use (my first time for both). The Apogee Duet (an analog-to-digital converter that allows regular microphones and musical equipment to work with a computer) is fantastic and provides extraordinary sound clarity. GarageBand allowed a complete novice to create independent audio tracks, add effects, and publish to mp3 with little effort. Jim was happy with the recordings, so I burned him a quick CD of the day’s efforts.

Even got the domain name to commemorate the occasion!

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