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Rock On

Author: , January 25th, 2011

Worked like a madman yesterday to be ready for launch at midnight. At 10pm, the launch was scrubbed and reset back 24 hours. Whew! This is a wild project. Hopefully we can get everything under control today and launch tonight. That would ease the pressure on everyone considerably. Crashed by 10:30, and been up since […]

Feline Felicity

Author: , October 3rd, 2010

Went to the bank this morning early. When I got home, one of the feral cats was at the door, looking for food. When she turned her head to look at me, I recognized an old friend – Mama Cat, the grandmother of all the feral cats here. She did not budge an inch when […]

Superb Saturday Sunshine

Author: , October 2nd, 2010

Spectacular weather – 43° and just beautiful. Getting outside ASAP to clean up after the storm, and get ready for the 2pm arrival of our guests.

Forging My Sword

Author: , September 30th, 2010

My Sword is nearing completion, and I look forward to it serving well. All that is left are the airways from the already-installed lung to the box. All else completed. Thursday will be a full-day burn-in, and Friday should see commencement.

Smooth Sailing

Author: , September 29th, 2010

The Wyzaerd ship has steadied down and is sailing on smooth waters at the moment. Have work, pressure has been abated, diet being modified to match current health needs, and I am feeling a little less like the storms of life are going to drown me. The house is looking better than it has in […]

Where Does The Time Go?

Author: , September 12th, 2010

One day bleeds into the next. Crashed at 7pm last night because I have been working so many hours. I could not stay awake. Apologies to my wife for passing out on her on a Saturday night. At least we got to spend time together. We sat out on the deck and tested out our […]

Today is THE Day!

Author: , July 30th, 2010

Our new central air conditioner is being installed right now! And we LUCKED OUT with today’s weather. Just 79 degrees and low humidity! As of 1pm, they are really moving well, and it seems to be a very good job so far.

Still Busy

Author: , July 28th, 2010

Today James is here working on the deck and the garage. Yesterday I visited a friend in New Paltz, NY. NYS troopers are now using laser for speed detection. Good thing I was not speeding (much ;-))! Things are still going well with the YouCake™ project. Launching soon!

So Busy

Author: , July 26th, 2010

I have been so busy that there was not sufficient time to post anything over the weekend. Had a wonderful brunch at Elements yesterday. Had Croque Madame, which was excellent! Our yard has been scrubbed clean by Vega Landscaping. Excellent job, guys! We will be celebrating my parent’s 45th wedding anniversary on August 3rd at […]

Wild Wednesday

Author: , July 21st, 2010

Today was SO busy. First the daily 9am call, then a visit to KBR Trading, then a visit from Rick of Franklin Air, at which point I made a down-payment on a new central air conditioning system, then a long call with Carolyn to make a sales plan, then finally getting to spend some time […]