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Tidy Tuesday

Author: , July 20th, 2010

Had Kattia, our house-cleaner here today. Garbage is out and the house is sparkling. Even have a load of wash in progress. New office A/C unit arrived today on time, thankfully. The weather has been the hottest on record for July. Our house A/C cannot keep up with it. Tom from Franklin Air was kind […]

Hot Hot Hot

Author: , July 17th, 2010

And our office air conditioner decided today was the day it wanted a vacation. 4 hours later I have it working again, but for how long, I do not know. Ordered another to arrive on Tuesday. Hurt myself by lifting the unit which is about 100 pounds. At least it is mostly working again…

Up and At ‘Em

Author: , July 14th, 2010

Sleepy. Have so much to get done today!

Friday night with my love

Author: , July 9th, 2010

Had a very very very busy day. Was working on many things, and had many interruptions. There was a food delivery, UPS & Fedex deliveries, the cleaning lady, James working on the basement, phone calls, emails, text messages, AIM conversations, etc. I did manage to churn out quite a bit of code in spite of […]

Welcome to the Heat Wave

Author: , July 6th, 2010

Temps to top 100 today. James due at 9am, Aquatronics due at 11am. Should be a very interesting 9am ICI conf call. We will be discussing corporate structure today. Hope everyone comes away from the conversation pleased.

A Bit of Rest

Author: , July 3rd, 2010

Was able to finish the Dora Rings store locator site in 5 hours. I have definitely made vast improvements in my coding skills. Naomi needs TLC and rest this weekend, so I encouraged her to sit in the sun while I went out to run errands. Picked up bagels, and then went to the bakery. […]

Another Full Day

Author: , July 2nd, 2010

9-10:30am conf call call 10:30-11am visitor Continue conf call until 12:30pm Expecting guest at 1:30pm, so run around cleaning and showering to be ready by then. 1:27pm get message left by guest at 1:07pm (while I was in shower) – not coming. Spend rest of afternoon doing various coding and documentation tasks for youCake, as […]

Almost 11pm Already?!?

Author: , July 1st, 2010

This day flew by. Was up by 6:45am. Ran out and got bagels for client visit at 10am. Managed to get cleaned up, laptop prepped, etc. Worked on plan and agenda for 9am YouCake conf call which went very well. Made excellent progress on many fronts. Met with client from 10am – 11:45am. FreeBSD jails […]

Glorious Weather

Author: , June 30th, 2010

Woke at 6:15 this morning still upset from the funeral. Got dressed and went to sit on the deck so I would not disturb Naomi while she slept. The weather is just fantastic. Temperatures this morning in the 60’s, topping out at 80 with very low humidity. Could not ask for better during summer. After […]

Mid-Morning Blues

Author: , June 29th, 2010

Got the car fueled and washed for the day’s activities. Have taken care of charging batteries and have gathered photo and computer equipment together. Will get bottled water into the trunk of the car with ice packs before we leave. Just have to shower and dress. One and a half hours until we depart.