Glorious Weather

Published Date Author: , Posted June 30th, 2010 at 9:47:37am

Woke at 6:15 this morning still upset from the funeral. Got dressed and went to sit on the deck so I would not disturb Naomi while she slept. The weather is just fantastic. Temperatures this morning in the 60’s, topping out at 80 with very low humidity. Could not ask for better during summer.
After Naomi woke I finished editing the video and started the rendering process, which does take some time.

Went back outside and blew off the deck and the garage. Oddly, there was a layer of black dust or soot all over the deck and the driveway. The soot was not really visible until the wind from the blower hit it. It then became a visible wave front. Yuk. Glad I decided to clean up outside.

The little steps are making a big difference. The outside of the house is getting better and better. The weather vane and the lights are operational again. We have fine stairs in the garage. The gutters are cleaned out. The septic tank has been pumped out and the cover buried. Exposed white access pipes have been covered by faux rocks. The house has been power washed. The deck has been power washed. We have gotten a lot of the moss off the roof. The front yard has been cleaned up. So far, so good. Still much to be done. Going to paint the inside of the garage. Seal the deck. Replace the bulb in the outside floodlight, etc.

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