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R.I.P. James R. Boyd Sr. (1934 – 2018)

Author: , May 1st, 2018

NORTH RUPERT – James R. Boyd Sr., age 84 passed away peacefully on Monday, April 23, 2018, after an extended hospitalization. Jim was born in Albany, NY, on March 26, 1934, the only child of David and Elizabeth (Adams) Boyd. He grew up in Colonie, NY, and served honorably in the U.S. Army 82nd Airborne […]

R.I.P. Captain Robert V. “Bob” Gerenser

Author: , June 5th, 2016

Captain Bob was a friend for over 20 years. We will miss him terribly. A good man with a great heart! http://newhopefreepress.com/2016/05/30/new-hope-bids-farewell-to-native-son-captain-bob-gerenser/

So Much To Be Thankful For!

Author: , November 27th, 2011

As the Thanksgiving weekend winds down, it is with sincere thankfulness that I look upon my life with Naomi. We have our love and each other, first and foremost. With hard work and no small amount of luck, our home remains our own. Ours is a blessed life. With all my heart, I hope to […]

Wondrous Waterfall

Author: , August 4th, 2011

Pictures from our friends Rosalie and Lowell Saferstein, taken while on vacation in Iceland…(reposted from Facebook – too good not to!)

A Visit to the Bad Wolf Bar and Grill

Author: , February 26th, 2011

Naomi and I are heading to Long Island City to make two visits. The first is to see Gita and Eric’s new baby. The second is to attend a small dinner party with some co-workers. One of them is an amateur chef, and he has prepared a standing rib roast for tonight. Will be an […]

All Work And No Play…

Author: , January 15th, 2011

Eagerly looking forward to chilling out tonight. Been working non-stop on multiple client projects and really need a break. An old friend is stopping by, and I think we will find someplace to go out for dinner. Have I mentioned recently just how much I love Naomi? Tons!!!!!!!!!!!

Dinner Guests, Old and New, Snow So Blew

Author: , January 11th, 2011

Tonight we had two guests for dinner, one old and one new. Due to the inclement weather, a friend is staying over tonight and joined us for Harold’s take-out. Our new guest was of the four-footed variety: a new feral cat appeared at our door! A mostly-black long-hair with a white nose, seemed to be […]

Missing a Friend

Author: , December 28th, 2010

UPDATE: Now I know. Too bad it had to be this way. No good deed (trying to help you) goes unpunished. So wrong. Thank you for showing your true colors.

Feline Felicity

Author: , October 3rd, 2010

Went to the bank this morning early. When I got home, one of the feral cats was at the door, looking for food. When she turned her head to look at me, I recognized an old friend – Mama Cat, the grandmother of all the feral cats here. She did not budge an inch when […]

Superb Saturday Sunshine

Author: , October 2nd, 2010

Spectacular weather – 43° and just beautiful. Getting outside ASAP to clean up after the storm, and get ready for the 2pm arrival of our guests.