Tidy Tuesday

Published Date Author: , Posted July 20th, 2010 at 6:38:15pm

Had Kattia, our house-cleaner here today. Garbage is out and the house is sparkling. Even have a load of wash in progress.

New office A/C unit arrived today on time, thankfully. The weather has been the hottest on record for July. Our house A/C cannot keep up with it. Tom from Franklin Air was kind enough to stop by this morning to confirm my worst fears: our A/C unit is about to go. We can no longer wait to replace it. OUCH! Very expensive, and very necessary. Trying to arrange terms, perhaps even do some computer consulting barter…

Jeremy has a terrible summer cold. I feel so badly for him – he must be miserable.

Eager to have Naomi home – she is on her way!

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