Where Does The Time Go?

Published Date Author: , Posted September 12th, 2010 at 8:24:38am

One day bleeds into the next. Crashed at 7pm last night because I have been working so many hours. I could not stay awake. Apologies to my wife for passing out on her on a Saturday night. At least we got to spend time together. We sat out on the deck and tested out our new seat cushions. Seemed better than the 10-year-old ones. Made yummy barbecued chicken and roasted ears of corn. Tried a new basting recipe that I made up on the spot. Was even better than the Original Famous Stone Manor barbecue basting sauce. Will use it from now on. A house secret, part two. Even watched an old episode of Murder She Wrote via Netflix during dinner. Working so much reduces our time together. I do what I can to compensate, but I do look forward to a time when the workload is less and we can be together more.

At least we are going to brunch this morning at Elements.

Have made very good progress laying out Project 52 contacts page workflow. Now need to fill in the actual data.

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