The Fast Lane

Author: , December 11th, 2011

Things sure have been busy! Multiple client projects in parallel always seem to make time go faster. Now that two different websites have been launched, things should calm down a tad. The concept of having weekends off for a while is very attractive. I realized recently that the consulting business has been a crazy ride […]

Morning Perspective

Author: , August 9th, 2011

Just a quick “thank you” for all of the work I have been getting. I rather do like to pay our bills on time ;-} Have multiple projects running at once, with another one in the works… Seems like the days go by so quickly, cannot believe it is August already. Too fast!

The Plate

Author: , June 24th, 2010

It is very amusing to me how poorly I feel when I do not have enough work to do. Today I have a vast amount of work to do on many fronts and I am psyched about that. Have much YouCake and Dora and KB&R stuff to accomplish. Naomi is going to WFH today, which […]


Author: , November 3rd, 2009

Up at 8. Phone ringing already. I was so exhausted from the day’s efforts yesterday that Naomi put me to bed and I just passed out. Need to get all conf call notes written up and sent out this morning. Hopefully today will be a bit easier. Tomorrow must drive to Brooklyn to start the┬ánew […]