Making Meetings More Productive

Published Date Author: , Posted May 24th, 2012 at 9:10:26am

A great article in the Wall Street Journal:

Advice from executives, meeting planners and trainers on productive meetings:

  • Set a clear agenda.
  • Impose a ‘no devices’ rule or schedule periodic tech breaks for email, texts and phone calls.
  • Redirect people back to the agenda when they ramble or digress.
  • Draw out quiet people by asking them in advance for a specific contribution.
  • Do a ’round robin,’ when appropriate, to allow everyone to contribute.
  • Ask early for objections to keep them from derailing discussions later.
  • Limit the length of slide presentations.
  • Interrupt people who talk too long or talk to each other.
  • Set an ending time for the meeting and stick to it.

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