Slow to Post

Published Date Author: , Posted August 6th, 2010 at 8:16:26am

Been so busy working on YouCake that I have not been posting here much. Yesterday started at 7am and went to 12 midnight. Spectacular progress is being made right now on so many fronts. The site is just about operational and ready to take orders – perhaps 2-3 more weeks at most. I have also been swamped by existing client requests for changes – “Please add a PayPal button to my home page”. I must accommodate them as well. Seems like every client I have wants something done. Not true, of course, but sure feels that way. Last night, I was coding YouCake in one window, and when I needed a break from that, was messing with the PayPal form in the next window. Just trying to keep up with everything. James has been working wonders with the property overall. The garage is looking up, so is the basement. I am very pleased overall.

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