Using Keep-Alives To Ensure Long-Running MySQL & MariaDB Sessions Stay Connected

Author: , June 14th, 2019

Overview The Skinny In this blog post we will discuss how to use the Tungsten Connector keep-alive feature to ensure long-running MySQL & MariaDB/Percona Server client sessions stay connected in a Tungsten Cluster. Agenda What’s Here? Briefly explore how the Tungsten Connector works Describe the Connector keep-alives – what are they and why do we […]

How To Increase the Open Files ulimit on Ubuntu

Author: , April 29th, 2013

Add the following four lines to the bottom of /etc/security/limits.conf: root soft nofile 65535 root hard nofile 65535 * soft nofile 65535 * hard nofile 65535 NOTE: All whitespace MUST be a single tab! Also edit these three files: /etc/pam.d/su /etc/pam.d/common-session /etc/pam.d/common-session-noninteractive and add the following one line: session    required