Thankful Thursday

Published Date Author: , Posted July 22nd, 2010 at 12:37:23pm

So or temporary air conditioning solution seems to be holding. We will finally get a new central air system installed next Friday! Hallelujah! Temperatures are forecast to hit 99 degrees on Saturday, so hopefully we can stay cool during this next heat wave.

Things are going so very well with my partners and ICI. We are performing as a team, and making good decisions together. YouCake is moving along very well…almost there!

I am very thankful for the existing client work that has come in recently. It has given us a little breathing room although I have been struggling to keep up with the demands. Not complaining, mind you!

Going for a massage tomorrow morning! I am very eager to get some relief from the stress that lives in my shoulders.

First, I must visit my Amish client in Princeton tomorrow at 8am, then get home for our daily 9am call, then get to the massage at 11am. WHEW!

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