Watch That Finger, It’s DANGEROUS!

Published Date Author: , Posted July 2nd, 2011 at 1:08:27pm

Welcome to the FREEDOM OF AMERICA…Happy July 4th, everyone! Here is another FINE example of “freedom” in the US of A:

Recently, the judge in the Casey Anthony murder trial sentenced a spectator to 6 DAYS IN JAIL for giving the finger to someone on the witness stand.

In my opinion, this judge is abusing his power and is acting like a bully. Sure, the guy was wrong, so, as my very smart wife said: “So just fine him and give him community service. What does putting him in jail do but cost the public money.” This sentence is WAY over the top. If I were the spectator, I would get a lawyer and appeal.

The American judicial system seems to get more out of control every day, just as America itself seems to be doing. “Rome, Part II”, anyone?

Oh, and please DO take away the tax breaks for Big Oil, Big Corporate and people with over $1 MILLION in assets. Why do they need tax breaks? How about ditching entitlements altogether and make people WORK for a living? Why do I have to work like a dog so someone else can live off my taxes like a king? Yes, please note people like Councilwoman Janice Hahn in Los Angeles, CA paying gang members with tax money so they can party at our expense. Do these politicians have ANY grasp of reality at all? ANY?

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