A Spectacular Day

Published Date Author: , Posted September 16th, 2011 at 8:48:15am

Yesterday was a very good day…

I was contacted by a large corporation about PainMinder, and Naomi finished a very important task at work.

So Naomi and I decided to go celebrate at Elements (of course). Justin had the Cube available, so off we went.

When we reached Route 206, we saw a huge rainbow “base” rising from the treeline. It was just lovely – big, bright and clear.

As we drove south we saw a fantastic sunset to the right, and a FULL-ARC rainbow to the left. It was utterly magnificent!

To top it all off, as the weather cleared a cold air front moved in, which makes me quite happy. We got to see the full moon on the way home, at times dramatically peeking forth through some clouds. When we got home the air was so crisp and the sky so clear that many, many stars were visible.

A really wonderful day.

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