New Year, Fresh Beginnings

Published Date Author: , Posted January 3rd, 2011 at 7:59:08am

iPhone app is working well and should be done this week.
Hedge fund WordPress site in progress via sub-contractor.
Hope to wrap up one of my B&H projects today.
Continuing to migrate clients from Verio to Amazon Web Services. AWS is working out to be very cost-effective.
I am so happy to be working! Looking forward to doing more with B&H this year.

Getting the A8 a quick bath today. What a car!
Almost ALL of the snow has melted in our yard.

Things should start to “normalize” more once the bizarre conflict has been resolved. I never expect to understand, just eager to get it over with. Just makes NO SENSE. Too bad the door got slammed instead of simple understanding happening. Obviously, my motives and actions have been misinterpreted. How sad for them.

At this point I have serious pity for those involved. There must be great difficulties there for this to go down the way it did. I can only hope that things improve and that sanity returns to the situation. What really bugs me is the impact on my wife. I guess it is all for the best. B”H

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