How To Convert from AWS Instance Family t2 to t3 with Enhanced Networking on Amazon Linux 1

Author: , June 10th, 2021

I wanted to change instance type from t2 to t3, but got an error when i went to start the instance:

I found this AWS docs page: Below are the steps I need to follow on AWS Linux 1. Summary Steps Pre-flight tests on t2 modinfo ena -> see “ERROR: modinfo: could not […]

Heading to My Parent’s

Author: , December 27th, 2009

Today we are going to visit my parents, since the Channukah party last week was snowed out. Have already been out to get bagels and dessert. This morning we were visited by great numbers of birds. We had bluejays, robins, and sparrows. They were eating the red berries from our holly trees, as well as […]

Feeling much better

Author: , December 23rd, 2009

Today my cousin Amy is coming to visit at noon. She is an artist and makes pottery. I will photograph her collection, and talk to her about a website. The house is a bit messy, so I have been cleaning and setting up all morning. Then I have to take Naomi to the doctor to […]

Family Surprise Party

Author: , December 13th, 2009

We are going to East Islip, NY for my cousin’s 60th birthday surprise party at 1:30pm. Is over 90 miles away in the rain on Long Island, so we must leave by 11:15am to get there on time. We will be right near Hecksher State Park, a lovely place when it is not raining. I […]