How To Use SSL With sysbench To Test MySQL Server

Author: , September 7th, 2023

SUMMARY If sysbench is started with the “–mysql-ssl=on” option, it looks in the current directory for the following files:

PROCEDURE Locate the current MySQL database certificates, usually in /var/lib/mysql, and make sure that the OS user running sysbench is able to read the following 3 files:

Next, cd to the OS user’s home […]

How To Create A Back Button Link

Author: , November 18th, 2011

How To Prevent Default Event Behavior Using jQuery

Author: , May 23rd, 2011

Quote from original post: “e.preventDefault() will prevent the default event from occuring, e.stopPropagation() will prevent the event from bubbling up and return false will do both. Note that this behaviour differs from normal (non-jQuery) event handlers, in which, notably, return false does not stop the event from bubbling up.” Original Post: Other Event […]

How To Use jEditable With Custom Field Types

Author: , May 15th, 2011

There are many GREAT jQuery plugins out there, written by brilliant people, and freely distributed as open source. I have simply taken a few of them and glued them together: jQuery, jEditable and showPassword. MANY hours were spent putting all these parts together into a cohesive, functional unit, along with adding some enhanced error handling […]