How To Match Complex Element IDs In jQuery

Author: , July 22nd, 2021

PROBLEM: An element ID that looked like this would fail to match: service = east node =

SOLUTION: Rig any special characters in the complex hostname (:.[],-@) with a backslash in front of them to ensure proper matching:

How To Include Custom jQuery in WordPress

Author: , December 20th, 2018

How To Scroll to the Top of the Page using Javascript

Author: , March 20th, 2018

window.scrollTo(x-coord, y-coord); Example: window.scrollTo(0,0);

How To Fix WordPress 3.8 Bugs

Author: , January 29th, 2014

Edit the wp-config.php file in the root of your WordPress Install. Search for this line: require_once(ABSPATH . ‘wp-settings.php’); Just before it add this line: define(‘CONCATENATE_SCRIPTS’, false ); Save, exit and refresh the page in your browser. It would also be a good idea to empty your browser cache. Original Post:

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Author: , June 18th, 2013

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The jQuery


How To Download a File Using jQuery

Author: , December 16th, 2012

Here is a link to the original article by the Filament Group. I posted the code below just so I have it handy…

How To Add JavaScript or jQuery to a WordPress Page

Author: , October 4th, 2012

NO Blank Lines!

How To Sum the Values of Form Fields

Author: , October 3rd, 2012

How To Get the HTML Tag Name of an Element Using jQuery

Author: , September 8th, 2012

var Tag = jQuery(‘yourElementSelector’).get(0).tagName.toLowerCase(); Note: nodeName also works in place of tagName!