How To Restart a Hung Top Menu Bar in MacOS

Author: , April 23rd, 2021

Ever get the spinning beachball when trying to access the top menu on your Mac? SOLUTIONS Use the GUI Open the Activity Monitor application Select All Processes from the View menu Click on the SystemUIServer process, then click Force Quit. ~or~ Via CLI In Terminal, execute killall SystemUIServer

How To Enable Opening a Terminal Window from the Current Finder Location in MacOS

Author: , February 16th, 2019

As of Mac OS X Lion 10.7, Terminal provides Services for opening a new terminal window or tab at the selected folder in Finder. They also work with absolute pathnames selected in text (in any application). You can enable these services with System Preferences > Keyboard > Keyboard Shortcuts > Services. Look for “New Terminal […]

How To Highlight The Active Page Link in MaxMegaMenu

Author: , January 21st, 2016

WordPress Admin -> Mega Menu -> Menu Themes Select the theme to edit, then scroll to the bottom and edit the area for the CSS Editor under Custom Styling. Add the following to affect the Menu Bar type menu:

Use the above pattern to affect other menu types…as always, YMMV.

How To Add a Login/Logout Menu Link in WordPress

Author: , January 19th, 2015

Simple Link

Complex Menu Link

How To Modify the Menu Width in jQueryUI Autocomplete

Author: , June 18th, 2013