How To Check If Your Website Is Reachable

Author: , October 1st, 2011

Someone shared this very cool website with me: – put in a website address that you are having trouble seeing and this cool site let’s you know if they can see it. Simple and effective.

PainMinder™ Launched!

Author: , August 18th, 2011

Our health-related website is finally live to the public! A long time coming, but worth the effort. The site is FREE, and will handle many health-related tracking tasks quite easily. Naomi and I have worked incessantly to make the site worthy of use. We think it is ready for prime-time. Now let’s see what the […]

How To Enable Live Hover With jQuery UI Icons

Author: , May 8th, 2011


The CSS:

The jQuery:

How To Bind jQuery .live() To Multiple Events

Author: , April 17th, 2011

As of jQuery 1.4.1 .live() can accept multiple, space-separated events, similar to the functionality provided in .bind(). For example, we can “live bind” the click and focus events at the same time like so:

Another example, this time creating a hover effect: