Tax Returns Mailed

Published Date Author: , Posted April 19th, 2010 at 9:54:18am

Wanted to get them mailed out long before the May 11th deadline, since we are getting money back! AWESOME! Naomi and I were both a tad surprised that we were getting a refund, and quite pleased too!

I found a different post office to visit today. Our usual one is crowded, with a terrible parking lot. There is a tiny little village called East Millstone just down the road and THEY have the cutest little post office. I wish I had been going there all this time. No crowds, easy and plentiful parking, and a very pleasant desk clerk. Additionally, right next to the post office is a magnificent brick house with carved parapets and a lovely porch. Was quite striking.

Today I must go outside and photograph the azaleas since they are just about in full bloom already.

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