How To Use AWS CloudTrail For Intrusion Detection To Monitor Your AWS Account For Unwanted Activity

Author: , December 30th, 2022

Summary Use AWS CloudTrail as the basis for a simple Intrusion Detection System to monitor your AWS account for unwanted activity. Background While I follow best practices for security, it is always possible that a bad actor could obtain my credentials and gain access to my AWS account. Once access is gained, such criminals could […]

How To Block All Traffic From China Using iptables and ipset on Amazon Linux

Author: , October 24th, 2019

All credit to Matt Wilcox for this excellent article, for which this post is based – thank you, Matt! All commands run as root!

Do this once only:

Then add blockchina to the root cron

How To Strip Windows Newlines in PHP

Author: , February 21st, 2018

$text = str_replace(“\r”, “”, $text);

How to Install Apache mod_evasive on AWS Linux/CentOS

Author: , July 26th, 2014

I was getting tired of using iptables to block the various hackers and bots constantly slamming my servers (the Chinese are the worst offenders by far – curse them!). I found the Apache module mod_evasive and installed it. Here are links to various articles about mod_evasive: Add the Module to Apache I […]

How To Block WordPress XMLRPC Attacks

Author: , July 8th, 2014

Add the following to either your .htaccess file or to your Apache config:

Safe, Sane and Secure – IPTables Introduction

Author: , January 20th, 2011

As a webmaster of over a decade, sometimes the load on my server spikes high. Investigation discovered that various bad guys on the Internet were probing/attacking my server on a regular basis. Step One – Be Aware Read your apache logs Actively monitor your servers. I use Nagios running on my home server. Use top […]

Protected: Denial of Service Attack Records

Author: , December 30th, 2010

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

How to Convert DOS Line Breaks to UNIX in VIM

Author: , September 29th, 2009