How To Read Multiple Lines of User Input from the Command Line in Perl

Author: , October 9th, 2019

Use Case: Export Apple Reminders from MacOS application to cleaned plain text, i.e. remove unwanted spaces, blank lines and square brackets PROCEDURE Click on a single item in the MacOS Reminders app list Select All (either Command-a or use Edit->Select All) Copy (either Command-c or use Edit->Copy) Open Terminal Run cleanme Paste the copied reminders […]

How To List Running AWS Instances in all Regions Sorted by LaunchTime and Email in a Monospaced Font

Author: , July 1st, 2019

How To Install Multiple Perl Modules From The Command Line

Author: , July 14th, 2010

Create a text file containing the list of desired modules, one per line. Name it “modules.txt”. Then execute this command: for module in cat modules.txt; do echo $module; perl -MCPAN -e “install $module”; done