How To Stop MacOS Terminal From Freezing Upon Text Select

Author: , October 29th, 2020

First quit Mail, if open. In Terminal, enter the following to disable the Data Detectors which could be responsible for the hang:

How To Read Multiple Lines of User Input from the Command Line in Perl

Author: , October 9th, 2019

Use Case: Export Apple Reminders from MacOS application to cleaned plain text, i.e. remove unwanted spaces, blank lines and square brackets PROCEDURE Click on a single item in the MacOS Reminders app list Select All (either Command-a or use Edit->Select All) Copy (either Command-c or use Edit->Copy) Open Terminal Run cleanme Paste the copied reminders […]

How To Disable Spell Check in MacOSX 10.10 Yosemite

Author: , March 24th, 2015

System Preferences » Keyboard » Text » Uncheck “Correct Spelling Automatically”

How To Turn Off Repeat Alerts for Text Messages in IOS7

Author: , July 30th, 2014

Settings » Notification Center » Messages » Repeat Alerts » Never This will only give you the initial alert for a text.

How To Sort Text as a Number in MySQL

Author: , July 11th, 2013

select theField from theTable order by theField+0; ~OR~ select theField from theTable order by CAST(theField AS UNSIGNED);

How To Convert HTML Entity Codes To Plain Text

Author: , April 10th, 2012

Using Perl: use HTML::Entities; my $plainText = decode_entities(‘Put text to convert here’); Using PHP: $plainText = html_entity_decode(‘Put text to convert here’,ENT_QUOTES,’UTF-8′);

How To Print A Man Page To Text

Author: , November 15th, 2011

How To Get The Current Value And Option Text Of A Select Using jQuery

Author: , April 18th, 2011